Codeshop is the game I made for my masters project at the Designschool Kolding. It is a learning game for kids from 7 - 17 years old, that trains them in programming. The project is made in collaboration with the CoderDojo in Copenhagen.
The project lasted for half a year, and ranged from identifying a problem to developing the final product. The game is made with the Javascript library,pixi.js, and can be played here on mobile and in the browser.

my role

  • Researcher
  • Concept Developer
  • Animator
  • 2D Pixel Artist
  • Programmer


From the project I got experience with working alone with all the different phases in the development of a game.
Especially with making art suited for game implementation, and doing programming for quick results.


The game consist of several levels that trains the player in different aspects of programming, like variables, functions and loops.


You have to serve customers to earn money. Each customer has a task that you have to help them solve, through programming.


To complete a level you have to earn keys. You get the keys from completing tasks.

the smuggler

You can spend your money at the smuggler. Here you can restore lost lives, buy hints and even keys.


As you serve more customers, the difficulty slowly increases, and you are required to solve more complicated tasks.